Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Product Review: Dove

Hey ladies! A few weeks ago I was sent two of the new Dove Hair products to try and do a review post for. As a disclaimer, I did not get paid for this review- just received the products themselves, and this post is my honest and true review of the product- I would never say something to you guys that was a lie. I love reading reviews of products and what people's experiences were with new things before I buy them so I know if they're worth the money and time for me, so please know and understand I will always be 100% honest here (in reviews and all posts) and will always clarify if something was given to me to try, a free sample, or if I purchased it myself. This is my first time receiving something from and vendor (I was pretty stoked about it too), but wanted to be clear with everyone about it.

So...I use Dove soap and bodywash and their mousse fairly often, but wasn't a big fan of their shampoo previously. They have a new line though that has been re-formulated so this was a great opportunity to give it a whirl. Here are the two conditioners I received, the Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners,  Intensive Repair and Daily Moisturize:

My hair goes through a lot. A LOT. I have to use a deep conditioner weekly after the blowdrying, curling/straightening, and the weather. I have to say that these two conditioners are perfect for my hair! I was so (happily) surprised with it, especially since I didn't care for their shampoo when I first tried it. My whole family is hooked on it now. We have really fine hair so we have a hard time finding a good moisturizing conditioner that isn't going to weigh down our hair, and trust me we like BIG hair. I used the Daily Moisturize everytime I washed and the Intensive Repair every other time.

Now, it hasn't changed my hair to Giselle's overnight, this isn't a miracle worker, but I have noticed that my hair has has kept its volume, my ends aren't dry and disgusting, and it's pretty shiny toward the tips which is my driest part. This past month my hair has been to hell with tons of heat damage, swimming, and the sun. After Havasu, my hair was shot, but Dove has brought it back to normal. I think if I keep using these regularly I might be able to go longer between trims (but definitely not colors!) since I'm trying to grow my hair a few more inches. I think I'll definitely keep this in my daily routine, it's better than all of the other drugstore daily use conditioners I've tried and would say they're just below more expensive or deeper conditioners like V05 Hot Oil.

If you want more information visit Dovehair.com and they also are having a contest to visit the Glee set-which I'm all about and have already entered thankyouverymuch here where you can also get a free sample and try the conditioners for yourself before buying, I'd highly recommend it!

Have you tried the Dove hair care lines? What conditioners do you use? Do you use a deep conditioner?


Amanda said...

I tried Dove one day on a whim and I haven't gone back to any other shampoo/conditioner since! I buy the big bottles at Costco, and they work and smell great!!

Kristen said...

I really like these conditioners, so I think I'm going to try their shampoo again. Yay for Costco sizes too!

Jessica said...

I love Dove bodywash but I've never tried the hair products. Maybe I should check them out!