Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Blood Returns!



True Blood is on tonight on HBO at 9PM EST and I can't wait for its return, it makes summer so steamy! Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten are such dreamboats, plus most of the cast is shirtless so it makes for great eye candy!
Stephen Moyer (Bill), Anna Paquin (Sookie) and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) at the Season 3 Premiere

Here are some spoilers for this season:


Lafayette is getting a lover, thank goodness! Don't you think he deserves one? Kevin Alejandro was cast as a caretaker for Lafayette's mother and will be in nearly every episode this season. Maybe having a boyfriend will keep Lafayette out of trouble...ya right, who am I kidding?

The show has their very own werewolf in town now. True Blood has cast Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux...could the show's love triangle turn even more tangled? Sookie/Bill/Eric and now Alcide? It's going to be hot!

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), Anna Paquin (Sookie), Rutina Wesley (Tara)

What's going to happen with Jessica? Will she go on a killing spree? Where will her love go with Hoyt?
Will Tara find love again after her hottie died last season?
How will Jason be after the church/vampire saving from the finale be now?

Here's the homepage where you can watch mini-webisodes, shop, watch past seasons, or see pictures. You can also see the trailerfor season 3 here. (the original fansite) has tons of information and spoilers as well, here's some extra naughty spoilers I found here on the site:

Here’s what else you can expect from the first three episodes:

  • Someone tries to commit suicide.

  • Someone tries to kill a sibling.

  • Someone loses his head.

  • Someone is pregnant.

  • Someone has a one night stand–and it’s the last person you’d expect.

  • Someone has an underground sex marathon–and it’s the first person you’d expect.

  • There are more bare backsides than a gym locker room, and one belongs to one Mr. Alexander Skaarsgård. (yessss he's my dream man)
Do you guys watch the show? Are you big fans? Who's your favorite character? What do you want to see happen this season?
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