Thursday, June 3, 2010

Resolutions, May Update

Aaaagh! The year is halfway over! OMG I'm totally freaking out and trying to start my Christmas list wish for my family/friends already. So this month is kind of a turning point, you have just enough time to still lose a few more pounds and be bikini ready, enough of the year has passed that you may have ditched some resolutions (ahem, cooking) or have started new ones. So here we go with my progress thus far:


1. Write in my journal- From last month, I have brought my journal to work hoping I would be inspired to write during my lunch break. Ya, that hope sunk. It's still there though in my filing cabinet so maybe this month it will see the light of day.


2. This is my year of savings- Saving some major cash, but still haven't put it into a fund where I can make the most of it. Note to self: Freaking hop on it already! Sheesh.


3. Lose 15lbs by May 1st- I have continued to work out and walk at my lunch time (hey, maybe that's why I didn't write in my journal!), but those last 5lbs are sticky suckers! Although I haven't measured, I do believe that I've lost "weight" in other ways because I'm feeling better, I look better, and stuff I couldn't zip up last year fit GREAT this year! Woohoo to me! I'd still like to lost those few L-Bs just for a confidence boost and plan on upping my workouts next week when my work schedule dies down a bit (it's been crazy busy the last two weeks- hello OT).


4. Learn to cook- Ya I ditched this one last month, but have found a few drinks/appetizer recipes that would be great for a summer BBQ so I might give them a whirl. Documentation will ensue if this happens.


5. To be more personal on this blog- My blog has become so much more fun now that I share more about myself with you! I look forward to new ways of outfits, I'm on the hunt for new products (if I could be anymore than I already was that is), I have an excuse to take so many pictures during my outings regardless of how lame the pictures are. I do have a hair how-to in the works, but it is SO hard to take pictures of yourself doing your own hair. I'm going to have to ask (i.e. use brute force) my sister to help me with this one. Is there anything you'd like to see more of? Anything you'd like to know about me?


Overall I'm not doing so well, but at least I'm trying mindful. So, how have you ladies been doing with your resolutions? Have you changed or modified any of them? Have you jumped ship to any of them? From past posts it seems as though everyone has either ditched them or have been going strong. Regardless, I hope each one of you are enjoying the new year and any changes that have come your way.


Amanda said...

I've actually completely forgotten everything I even said I would try to do. HAHA so you're doing much better than I am. I blame it on pregnancy, a 2 1/2-year old and a puppy. :)

Jessica said...

Good for you, keeping up with most of your resolutions! I can't seem to get myself to journal either. Even though I think its a great idea. So jealous of your ability to lose weight (you look amazing btw)...I have put on some lbs since my breakup and I NEED to lose them!!! Got any secrets?

Miss K said...

Amanda- All of those are definitely good reasons! I'd consider my resolutions dismissed with all of those fun changes!

Jessica- Thank you so much! You're such a sweetie! I've lost some of the weight, but I still don't look how I want to (flat stomach), I do feel better though and that's most important. I'm so so sorry to hear about your breakup! There's always something better and things happen for a reason! What helped me the most with losing the weight is counting calories (1200-1400 a day). If you eat healthier you can eat more if you count calories only. I notice a huge difference when I work out too, and if I miss even just a week I go right back to how I was before. My stomach was almost flat a few weeks ago, but now it's back because I've skipped the gym the past 2 weeks. Maybe that will be a new goal- workout every single week no matter what! Good luck to you!

Queenie said...

Lost last 5 lbs are always the hardest! I'm going thru the same thing w/my weight loss....uggghhh!
P.S.~love the pics :)