Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celebrity Inspiration: Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth is one of my girl crushes, she's so gorgeous, talented, and seems to have such an air about her. She seems like such a girl's girl, someone who'd be great as a shopping buddy, could stay up all night giggling and sharing secrets. I love her fresh and feminine style- she doesn't fear anything! She wears bold new shapes, bright colors and short hemlines. She never looks as though she's trying too hard, her hair is loose and low key and her outfits looks as though she's just picked it out on a whim. I'd love to shop her closet. Also, she's had a string of handsome bfs- Orlando Bloom, James Rousseau, Alexander Skarsgard...mmmmm... I'd love to shop them too! The mark of beauty I love most about her looks is that her eyes are two different colors (one hazel, one blue)- it sets her apart from everyone else and I'm fascinated by it.

Signature Color- Fire engine red is definitely this sister's best color! She looks so fab in such a strong color and wears it often- dresses, shoes, lipstick, or clutch. I admire her bold choice, red can be such a hard shade to wear, and it looks so well on her.

Gorgeous Neutrals- Bright bold colors to girly feminine neutrals, this girl does both like a pro. Her fair skin and blonde hair look great with pale pinks, grays, and nudes. There's not a single gal in Hollywood who can work neutrals like my girl Kate does. She's never boring- boho braids, leopard shoes keep her look hot.

Street Chic- On Kate's down days she goes for easy and feminine. All of her looks would be easy to re-create or be inspired by- flat sandals, hair pulled back, and a few trendy pieces.
Red Carpet- Her red carpet choices are glamorous and daring. She's not afraid of new shapes, bright colors, or short hemlines. Her style is fashion forward and she always looks chic and fun- a look I love.

Easy Beauty- Curled lashes, pink blush, and a touch of lip color and she's ready! Her make-up is easy to do and looks great for both day and night. Loose "lived in" curls are a staple in her regimen, which is perfect because you can curl your hair one day and keep the look for the next few days.

What do you think of Kate? Do you love her style? What's your favorite and least favorite looks?
Any suggestions? Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow have all been suggested and are coming soon.
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