Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Here are some more Outfits of the Day (check out my first post here), this time I didn't feel as dumb taking pictures of myself, especially after I insisted that no they weren't for my Facebook default, but for my blog. LOL!

Please feel free to let me know if you liked what I wore or if I should have styled it differently or change something the next time around.

I wore this out for a comedy show with the Fiance (formerly known as The BF) and some friends in this post. Forever 21 (F21) dress (I pulled up the banded bottom to make is a top), JBrand jeans, Kelly & Katie snake pumps, Coach wristlet.

Here are some work outfits, my work is pretty relaxed about the dress code (thank GOD!) so I can wear sandals (if they have a back) and jeans (without holes) everyday and not just on "casual Fridays":
I saw this cute outfit on Hilary Duff and thought it would be an easy look for work. H&M Top (it was the end of the day, so ignore the wrinkles from sitting down), F21 belt, 2 pairs of Mossimo leggings (I wear two so they're not sheer and a bit warmer), Tahari wedges. I had nude wedges too, but thought the black look better.

F21 cropped top, plain white tank, American Eagle Skinny jeans.

Nordstrom BP tank dress and cardigan, F21 necklace, Steve Madden T-strap sandals.

Yellow F21 top, white tank, JBrand skinny jeans, Target black T-strap sandals. This outfit is inspired by a post from the darling blog The Look 4 Less, click to check it out- such a GREAT blog! Jen finds the best looks and has killer style!

I thought I'd give the NEON TREND a shot. It was pretty easy to wear and I've worn this outfit a couple of times now without feeling too 80s or like I'm trying to re-live my high school years. Don't you hate that feeling when you see something cute and realize you may be ....too old... (ugh typing that out took a lot) to wear something? That's how I felt about neon clothing, but I think I made it work:
Nordstrom black and white striped top, neon green tank from Tillys, American Eagle skinny jeans, Target black T-strap sandals.
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