Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Celeb Inspiration: Zoe Saldana

With her recent upswing of her career and blockbuster hits, Zoe has been on fire with her red carpet choices. Zoe is daring, edgy, but always balances that with a feminine touch. She is one of Hollywood's most fashion forward females, never too over the top, but just tip toing over the edge of too much and just right. Even though she definitely has a specific style, she's never boring. Instead, she's always showing her versatility with new colors, prints, and cuts. Even her hair and make-up choices are continually changing.  I admire when Hollywood's finest can't be pigeon holed into the same old thing when it comes to fashion and beauty, it's about taking risks, trying something new and having fun.

Fashion Forward- Love that Zoe is continually pushing the envelope with these structural dresses, trends, etc. She's always changing it up and taking some definite fashion risks.

Feminine- Even at her girliest, Zoe mixes in some masculine touches of her inner tom boy with bold cuts, tough shoes, choice of color or bold accents.

Casual- Miss Saldana (although recently engaged, so I may have to update her  last name!) has a very sleek and slim figure and she dresses to show off her best assets- her long legs! Take a look at how skinny jeans and heels bring the most attention to one of her best features. Many of these outfits would be great to copy for work, showers, hot dates, and brunch with your girlfriends. Zoe's more casual looks are simple, clean cut and body hugging to accentuate her tiny frame.

What's your favorite look? I personally love her feminine looks with tough touches. Any suggestions for future celebrity inspirations?
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