Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wine Popsicles


For the Fourth of July, with all of my wonderful cooking skills (cough cough) I made wine popsicles and they were delicious!! Doesn't my cousin J make a great hand model? LOL

I used white wine (I just used the $2 Trader Joe's Riesling), pineapple juice, and a bit of water (about 60/40  pineapple juice to water ratio), and a few chunks of pineapple in popsicles molds and hooooours later I had a delicious treat!

They would also be great without the booze for the young ones or anyone who doesn't drink for that matter. They were a big hit, but took forever to freeze! I can't wait to try this with more "recipes". I think I'm going to try punch with berries and  orange juice with peaches for my future popsicles.

PS Does this count towards my new years resolution to start cooking??
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