Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Award Time!

I received the I Heart Your Blog from Frances at It's Sew My Style
I'm supposed to pass along the award to 15 of my favorite blogs.
Thanks again Frances! Love your posts, your style, and your creativeness!
Make sure to check out her blog for her OOTDs, styled outfits, and great how-tos.

I received the Sugar Doll award from both Kristin at Busy Bee and from Life is Reed-iculous
Here's how it works:
Thank the person who gave you the award, share ten things about yourself, pass this award onto ten bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fantastic and finally contact the bloggers to let them know you’ve picked them for an award.

Thank you Kristin and  Reed, I love each of your blogs and enjoy your posts, comments and humor. Also, I love our emails back and forth. I must say I wish you both lived in CA so we could meet up for a fun night!

10 Things About Me:

1. I can count to 10 in Mandarin Chinese thanks to a boring (and stinky) 6th grade teacher. Do you remember him Jessica??? Mr Grimley, was that his name? Ugh.
2. I'm double jointed and can turn both of my hands completely around, 360 degrees, so that my elbows bend inward.
3. The two things that I hate doing and really wish I could find an alternative to is getting gas and going to the bank. It's so annoying! I wish I could somehow do it online.
4. I love camping! I grew up camping in Utah with a Dad who would KILL on Survivor as a contestant and would drive us to places where if we were to die no one would ever find our bodies because we were in the middle of NOWHERE. Also, our bathrooms would consist of some TP and a shovel. Now when I camp with my fiance's family, they have an RV and we camp at places that have showers. SHOWERS!! It's like the 4 star hotel of camping. I was shocked at first, but I have since recovered and have become well adjusted to it.
5. I can spend an entire day at make-up and book stores. What can I say, they have my heart.
6. If you haven't caught on by now with pictures of my family, I'm half Hispanic and half Swedish. I speak a little bit of Spanish, but only from my high school days, otherwise only my Grandparents know Spanish. Since my Fiance has American Indian ancestry we always laugh that all of our children will be dark skinned and not look like us.
7. In reference to #6 above, I used to be teased about being adopted (although I'm not) because my sister and mother have dark skin and hair and I was a little white blonde girl. I actually got into a few brawls on the playground because of it. Not that there is anything wrong with being adopted whatsoever, but whether you are or aren't it's one thing you don't want to be teased about.
8. I love spicy food! At home we eat tons of food really hot and always have, but since my Mom lost her taste a few years ago, she makes things extra spicy and I love it! I used to ask the cooks at my old restaurant to make my tacos hot enough to make me cry after several attempts they finally did it and couldn't believe that their little guera (sounds like wet-a= white girl in Spanish slang) could eat food so hot, but it's the best!
9. At all times I carry sinus medication with me because my allergies are so bad. It makes me feel dorky, but I'd rather enjoy my time then spend it hazey-eyed and sneezing! I also carry Coritzone cream with me on vacation for those pesky hives and rashes that randomly come on.
10. I have to wash my hands before going to sleep. If not, all I can think about is how dirty they feel/must be and how I'm going to get my face all gross from touching it through the night. However, not showering or washing my face before bedtime has no affect on me whatsoever. Go figure.

I recieved the You're Going Places award from Erin from Everything According to Erin...
Thank you Erin! Love your fun posts from your weekends and your recipe posts, girl we know I need them!

In order to accept this award, I must share where I think I'll be in 10 years.

In ten years I'll be 36 (holy cow!), and I hope that I'm living in southern CA and have bought a home with a large back yard and patio so we can play and eat dinner outside, being ridiculously happy with my Fiance- we'll be married by then for 9 years, have all of my 4 children that I want and plan/hope on having, speaking Spanish fluently, sharing an insurance office with my husband, traveling to all of the National Parks, and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Thank you again to all these ladies, the awards and your comments mean so much to me! It's so thrilling to know that people actually read my blog and have something to say about it.

As for who I'd like to pass these on to I thought I'd give all 3 awards to different blogs and let you choose which posts you'd like to do yourself. Of course I'd love to give it to the people who gave me the blog awards, so Kristin, Reed, and Frances, you're tagged!
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