Thursday, July 23, 2009

Please call me when you turn 18, I will be HAPPY to be your Mrs. Robinson

Taylor Lautner is soooo sexy, I'm counting the days until his 18th birthday.
He's also InStyle's Man of Fashion for their December issue, thank goodness I'm a subscriber!
You can check out some sexy pics and learn 5 fun facts about him at their What's Hot Right Now!

I'm Team Jacob for the following reasons:
1. He's smoooking HOT
2. I'm a sucker for younger men
3. His baby face
4. His hunky body
5. Not that I know him personally, but in every interview I've read/seen of him, he seems really down to Earth and that boy next door you oggle when he's washes his car shirtless
6. In the fictional world of vampires and werewolves, Jake will die some day, will age alongside Bella (she does have like 15 yrs to catch up to him once he's transformed), he can take her on sunny vacations, and he's super hot.


Meaghan said...

much more attractive than i ever imagined jacob being when i read the book lol

Amanda said...

I hated Jacob while reading the books, but now it makes it a lot harder to dislike him LoL I also never imagined Jacob being so hot