Thursday, July 2, 2009

Most Entertaining Lunch EVER

My co-worker S. and I have planned on going to lunch together for a while. We like to try new places and we're both on a budget, so we make great lunch buddies. Plus he finishes everything I don't eat. Everyday on our way home from work we pass a nice establishment called The Show at Papa Joe's that advertises any big sporting events or big deals. They have a new $5 lunch special Monday- Friday.

Awesome! S. and I are going!!!

Here is what an overview about the restaurant I found online:
Welcome to The Show At Papa Joe's! We specialize in delicious and reasonably priced cuisine, including our house specialties and other customer favorites. Our cuisine entrees are served in a relaxed and welcoming setting that you and your friends and family are sure to enjoy. Whether you are inthe mood to indulge in something new or just want to enjoy some oldfavorites, we promise that our inventive menu and attentive service willleave you truly satisfied. No matter what your occasion calls for or yourappetite demands, the friendly staff at The Show At Papa Joe's promise to makeyour next dining experience a pleasant one.

No problem here! Sounds like a great place for lunch right????
We walk in, and it's all dark. The fans have spots for 3 lightbulbs and there's only 1 lightbulb in each....a red lightbulb.

No worries, $5 for lunch, I will make it work.

We walk in further....there's a stripper pole. And a dancer on it.

Whatever, I've worked for Budweiser, this place has nothing on the places I've been to.
The lunch includes a burger, fries, and a BEER!!! $5 even too, including tax!!

Overall , the lunch is legit. It's a great burger and pretty cheap!!
S. and I couldn't stop laughing that we were eating at an "entertainment" bar though.
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