Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have You Ever Been to the Horse Races?

It is so exciting! You can spend the whole night there without spending your whole pay check either. They even have $1 hot dogs and beers!! I placed small bets ($1 and $3) on every horse and chose my horses mostly based on whether I like their names, if their name was special to me in some way, and how fast the horse in the races are. This is a great idea for a date or group outing, everyone is yelling for the horses and seeing who is winning and betting on, plus there are people of all ages there. My grandpa used to go all the time with some of my family members and I remember him taking me once when I was little- one of my favorite memories of him.
Here is a pic of me and my winning ticket, I bet on one horse to win and it did! (It was also my 3rd winning bet of the night)

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