Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coming up in the world....

After a horrible week of work (how can it be, it's a short week after all... and the boss left for a 2 week vacation!), I thought today would never end. Today was supposed to be an easy day; no boss, no crazy co-worker, and my Friday, however, everyone decided to call our office, need certificates, and complain today. Then the best thing since sliced bread came......



Since everyone was out of the office or left to start their weekend early, my co-worker S. and I are now devouring our own pies like fatties. I have apple and he has chocolate pudding. No we didn't slice them and eat them like respectable and well-mannered people, we're eating them from the center first with a fork. We're also taking them home and not sharing. Yay us.

ps we ate them on the way home too, with our hands. keepin classy.
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