Monday, March 21, 2011

My Debauchery Trip

** Be warned, this is a humongous post**

Yes, not bachelorette party, but debauchery trip. I seriously have the bestest girlfriends and sisters in the whole wide world. It was hands down the BEST trip we've ever had (we've all been friends for 9+ years, so there's a bunch of trips in our history). Even after all these years, we learn more and more about each other and continue to grow closer. I'm seriously blessed with amazing women to call my friends.

There were a total of 8 of us who went, 7 of us are Chi Omegas and my sister is an Alpha Chi Omega (in which we called her an "Almost" Chi Omega, har har bad joke- we know). We all packed ourselves into a Tahoe (thanks to J's mad packing luggage at the top of car skills- see her engagement party here), each row and lap were also packed with stuff and we all had to sit cross-legged for the entire ride up it was like a clown car everytime we exited.

Mind you, the entire weekend was a surprise. The only details I knew was who was going, that it was in Vegas, what to pack and where we were meeting. We stayed at the Palazzo hotel in joint luxury suites- it was seriously the good life (cue Kanye).
That is just some of our stuff! There was a lot more!

Our "bar"

The first night we went to Sushi Samba for dinner- so bomb, the Shishito and the Rock Shrimp Tempura were my faves. We also sat across from Wilmer Valderrama - where was Demi Lovato??

Then...the girls surprised me with The Beatles LOVE show by Cirque de Soleil at The Mirage. I cried. This meant so much to me. If you don't know, I'm a huge Beatles fan, the entire wedding ceremony, my father/daughter dance, and our first dance is all to Beatles songs. I cry everytime I hear a Beatles song so this was epic. I've wanted to see the show forever and all of us girls have always talked about seeing a show in Vegas so this was two birds, one stone. The show was incredible, so weird and creative. Definitely a must!

After the show we headed to Surrender at the Encore. It's an indoor/outdoor club and it's awesome. DJ Sky Blue from LMFAO was there, the music was so much fun and the place actually has room to dance. Which is cool since I was afraid of falling in the pool. LOL.

On Saturday we headed out for the opening day at Wet Republic, Snooki was there with her friend Ryder- who gave me a big hug and congratulated me on the wedding. She was so nice! The best part about their pool was the large wading area with a few inches of water so you can lay out and still keep cool. They also have the best pina coladas- not too sweet.

After the pool we did some shopping, had our make-up done, and then had pizza in the room while we played some fun games, made some toasts, and opened gifts. This poster was made for a game, one of which I could not post about. Email if you'd like to know!

For the night we headed to Lavo at the Palazzo where we had a table with 3 bottles (we're still deciding if that was a good idea or not, since there wasn't a single drop of booze left). It was pretty cool being surrounded by tables of guys and to completely out-do them with our awesomeness. We literally drank and danced until they turned the lights on and had to escort us out.

Some pictures from SpyOnVegas

Again, I seriously have the best sisters ever! We have NOT changed, we're samers. :D
Thank you girls for making this trip absolutely memorable! Even if we could only publish 300 of 500 photos on Facebook. He he he.


Rebecca S. said...

Wow! Looks like an amazing time! Where did you get the white one shoulder top from? Love it!

Taylor said...

this looks amazing!!!!!! Very jealous, of the sun and fun!!!

Anonymous said...

you looked AMAZING my dear! it looks like you've lost some lbs :)

your trip looks fantastic. i love your swimsuit with the hearts...adorable. i will definitely be emailing you b/c i'm in the beginning stages of planning a bachelorette party for my bff, and i am a little clueless and overwhelmed!

Frances said...

What a great post! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time in Vegas for your bachelorette party!

Belle in the City said...

awh it looks like y'all had so much fun!!! i've been dying to go to vegas...def a must for when i get engaged!! love all the pics and your outfits were too cute!

Miss K said...

Rebecca- I got the dress from GoJane, you can see my review here

Taylor- Thank you, it was the best time

Reed- wow you just made my WHOLE WEEK!!

absolutely, i'll send you all my ideas and fun games!

Frances- Thanks love!

Belle- Vegas is the best! luckily it's only 3 hrs from me so we go fairly often

Kerr said...

so fun!!! you look gorgeous in all the pics! and so skinny to, btw, your workouts are paying off!

I saw LOVE when I was in Vegas and love it!

Rissy said...

you definitely did Vegas right!

The white future bride outfit was definitely my favorite, but I love that you brought the look to the pool also! that bikini looks great on ya!

3 bottles down? my kind of girls!

oh and I think Demi Lovato is still "in recovery" so I don't think Vegas should be on her to do list hahahah


Amber said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! I absolutely LOVE your outfits, especially the dress with the silver bottom.

Jessica said...

It looks like you have such a fun time! I LOVE all your outfits. The bikini is so adorable.

Simply Amy said...

Looks like you had the best time! Super jealous you went to Vegas!! I am so curious about this game... get ready for an email!

Simply Amy said...

Looks like you had the best time! Super jealous you went to Vegas!! I am so curious about this game... get ready for an email!

Lyndsy said...

Super fun weekend yay!!! You look so gorgeous in the white and sequin dress! So cute and quite the celeb sightings and party nights! What sweet gf's to get you tickets to LOVE!

Love that you had such a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Um...this looks like a weekend filled with TROUBLE!!! You know it's trouble when it ends up on Spyonvegas LOL!!! Yall look like you had sooo much fun and you have some really great friends from what I can tell :-)

You look freaking smoking in your photos! I love that skirt with the white top! :-)

Sigh...I need a Vegas trip PRONTO!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Why do I always send my comments before I'm completely done with my scattered thoughts?! LOL!

I saw LOVE at the Mirage a year ago! It was incredible! Except I had to go to the bathroom during my favorite Beatles song, and nearly cried because I missed it! LOL!

And getting twitter has inspired me to do so too...I just have to sign up and get it set up LOL!!!! :-)

Danielle said...

I adore that sequin one shoulder number

Michelle said...

YOU LOOKED GORGEOUS! I love your pics! It looks like you had an amazing fabulous time! Vegas is amazing! I loved the Love show too!

Veronika said...

you look gorgeous and love your sparkly skirt!

Vanessa said...

You look so pretty and I LOVE VEGAS!!

I totally understand the drinking way more than you probably should happens lol.

Gareen said...

Obsessed w/ the white dress! Shame GoJane doesn't carry it anymore in white, just silver.

Amber said...

FUN FUN FUN! I saw your pic on facebook and you looked amazing!!
Amber's Notebook

Amber said...

FUN FUN FUN! I saw your pic on facebook and you looked amazing!!
Amber's Notebook

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I love the Palazzo hotel - and I totally laughed when I saw your luggage photo. Classic! You never know what to wear down there. My bf is always baffled that I have 2 huge suitcases for Vegas.

It looks like you had an amazing bachelorette party. Great idea on the white bikini and veil.

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

You are such a babe!! Your white gown is amazing!! :)

Jacqueline said...

OH my gosh! This looks like sooooo much fun!! I wanna be your friend and play in vegas too! :)

Rach said...

You look hot mama! I am obsessed with your white top and sequin skirt. Seriously so excited to see your wedding pictures-I know you are going to be so gorgeous!

JMB said...

LOVE all the outfits! You look soo skinnnny!! I must know where the white dress with the sequined bottom come from! Cuuuute! I think I remember you doing a post on that though!? You all were definitely working it!!

Jules said...

Whew…where do I even start? It sounds like the BEST time. I love that you were packed in the car like a bunch of sardines. The fun must have started from the time you pulled out of the driveway. Your room in the Palazzo looks amazing and your little bar is awesome.

I wanted to go to Sushi Samba when I was in Vegas but didn’t get the chance. I will definitely go there next time. The sushi looks delish. Cirque shows are really incredible and I’ve heard rave reviews on LOVE. That was so sweet of the girls to plan that. I love your first night outfit btw! The club looks like a good time too.

Wet Republic also sounds like a blast and I cannot believe Snooki and her friend were there. So fun and your bikini and sunnies are too cute! Girl time and games back at the hotel sounds like so much fun. Good for you ladies for partying all night long!!

Thanks for sharing :)

Amanda said...

I love love your outfits!! And that white bathing suit is so pretty!! Glad you had fun!!

Queenie said...

That is so awesome! I'm glad you had fun!