Thursday, March 3, 2011

Painting the Roses Red- Wedding Advice

At the shower, on their own time, the guests were able to "Paint the Roses Red with Words of Wisdom for the Bride-to-Be". Who better to get advice from than other women? I've been reading some of them over and there are some true gems that I wanted to share with everyone. I know the list is kind of long and I tried not to repeat anything, but I got some really great advice (and some funny ones) and what kind of a girlfriend would I be if I kept it to myself?

-Always listen without being emotional
-Don't split up even when you want to. Stay, it will get better.
-Have fun together
-Make love often, at least four time a week
-Go to church together
-Have special dates
-Forgive each other
-Pray together
-Learn to laugh at each other
-Support each other
-Cook for each other
-Keep your sense of humor
-Get a maid
-Be VERY patient, communication is key
-Don't give up (you will want to at times). Your marriage will be a lot of ups and downs, but the downs are what make you stronger. Everything you go through will be worth every second at the end.
-Never control each other
-Go on vacation
-Remember that you chose HIM to be your husband
-Never keep things bottled up, tell him how you feel
-Never go to bed angry and never without a kiss
-Always follow your heart
-Be honest with each other at all times- even if it hurts
-The first year is the hardest, compromise is the key
-May all your ups and downs be in the bedroom
-Don't sweat the small stuff, pick your battles
-Give each other a kiss every day before you leave the house and tell him you love him
-Always compromise and do what's best for the marriage
-Laugh, laugh, laugh.
-Forgive, forget and let go
-He is only right NEVER
-It takes more energy to be mad/angry than it does to forgive
-Get it while the gettin' is good
-Always be ready to talk and share the day, your heart, and your love
-Always listen to each other and respect each other's feelings
-Pray when you want to strangle him
-Always go to bed at the same time every night
-Take 1 hour a day to talk about anything BUT the kids
-Be independent
-After 47 years of marriage I have learned that if there is a disagreement- if it doesn't matter next Tuesday it is not that important

What do you think? Any advice you would like to share? What's the best advice you've received about relationships?
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