Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Alice In Wonderland Bridal Shower Part 2- The Party

Again, THANK YOU to all of my bridesmaids, my friends, and my family. I cannot thank you enough. My entire shower was so amazing and special. We played some pretty fun games at the shower (email if you're interested in them, I'd be happy to send them forward). The shower came together so beautifully and I will always remember it. It was so great seeing everyone and catching up with friends and family I don't get to see as often. Thank you thank you thank you!

Here I am with my bridemaids- all but one who was sick :(  and sorority sisters:

With some of my family
My Mom (on the far right) with her friend from junior high (far left) and her daughter and grandson. Can you believe they've been friends for so long? Through marriages, moving out of state, children etc. they've always kept in contact. She has two daughters who I grew up with and we have some of the best memories! The one pictured is actually one of my Fiance's sisters friends from school. Isn't is such a small world? I grew up in UT and my only friend not related to me in CA knew my future husband. We didn't meet through them either! Crazy crazy crazy!

During the party:

Here's Baby D helping me open the gifts, and EACH time he would say "Oh wow" it was so cute!

But then, he got bored ha ha ha

The end of the day, all my sorority sisters together:

The whole day went by so quickly and even though I felt like I took SO many pictures, I still feel like  don't have enough! There's so many pictures I didn't get and so many people I didn't get a picture with- like one with my mom and I together, or both of our moms, or all the family together, or a group shot, or....geez I don't know HOW IN THE WORLD I missed them.. I can only imagine how the wedding will feel! Even some of these pictures are the best of quality because you don't want to stop and photograph everything because you want to live in the moment.

I'm so ready for the bach party and wedding now! The shower came at just the right time when I was sick of the planning and needed some fun!
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