Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Product Review: MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour in Durashell $22

Here I am again, torn on another longwear lip color (check out a lip stain post here). The first time I wore it was to my bridal shower (check out the pics here and here and the eye make-up here) and it seriously lasted all day long. Even after washing my face I had a trace of color still on my lips. The Durashell color is a soft pink with a hint of gold shine. It's a pretty neutral, but there is definitely color.

Here's what I didn't like about it at first, when I wore it for my shower it was perfect and so pretty. At the end of the day, the "stain" wasn't really a stain. It kind of was just sitting on top of my lips and not really in the cracks. It looked like a lip color, not a stain, that had just worn away. I was ready to return this beezy. I mean, let's be real, $22 is kind of steep. I know I've spent that before and more on lip stuff, but I still bat a few lashes at the price.

I thought I'd give it another shot since at my shower I was constantly eating, talking, and kissing my loved ones and I don't usually do that so much on an everyday basis. So here we go ladies, check out my results on a regular work day.

Here it is, applied at 7am with both the color and the gloss:

Here it is after lunch around 1pm, no color or gloss re-applied:

Here it is at the end of my day, around 8pm, first without a re-application of color or gloss and then with just the gloss re-applied:

Holy macaroni right? It lasted through breakfast and lunch for 13 hours! Incredible! You can see in the after lunch pic how the color doesn't fit in the cracks of your lips, but stays on the surface. You can also see more of the gold tint in the pics and not in the sample they have online. Without the gloss, because of the nude shade, my lips look kind of dead, but you can tell I have a color on them. I'm not sure how other, bolder colors would look throughout the day without gloss or staying on just the surface of your lips and not in the cracks.

What I like most about the product is knowing I still have color on my lips and not having to re-apply all day long. The color doesn't feel sticky or dry like other longwearing colors I've tried. Even after the gloss has worn off, you can't tell you even have anything on your lips at all. They're not tacky like other lipsticks/glosses are after wearing off.

MAC also sells the clear gloss refill since that runs out before the color does. The clear gloss is really thin and lasts a while (I don't remember how long though). It's not at all whatsoever like usual MAC glosses thick tackiness.

Overall, I really like the product. I've worn it every single day since the shower and I like it more and more with each use. What sells me most about it is that the color really does stay on for so long, some days it lasts longer than others. I can deal with the color sitting on the top of my lips since it's such a light color, but I'm sure that would look so weird in a red shade. It's seriously the lazy girls best friend. I loathe having to reapply gloss and lipstick all day. The biggest differences between this product and the Tarte stain is that the Tarte stain feels more like a chapstick and the stain doesn't stay as long as this lip shade. Do note that the Tarte one is a stain and this MAC one is a longwearing lipcolor- there's is a difference.

Do any of you use a longwear lipcolor? I'm trying to find one for the wedding, but a brighter pink color. Not hot pink, just a more vibrant soft pink shade. What brands have you tried of longwear? Did they work? Do you even wear lipstick regularly?
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