Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Post: Bridemaid Gifts

With any event, the host will want to give a gift of thanks to those around her who helped her prepare for the day. Whether it's a simple thank-you note or a giftcard to her favorite shop a bride never wants to forget her bridemaids!

These ladies have been with you each step of the way- through that first night when you realized you fell in love to the excited call to tell them he's popped the question. The bridesmaids are family and friends who have helped to encourage and support you in the steps to your wedding day. I'm sure many tears have been cried on their shoulder from stress or joy, many of them have burnt their fingers on wedding craft day helping you put together your DIY items, and these are the girls who will be your closest friends to your dying die. After all that work and loyalty, these ladies deserve a thank-you in return!

Here are some of my favorite items and ideas I've come up with for my own bridal party. I've already chosen my gifts and have them safely hidden until the time comes. I wish I could share what it is with you ladies, but since my ladies read my blog, I haven't included them in this list.

Bathrobes- This gift is one that every woman needs! There's so many styles, prints, and ways to personalize them it's perfect for any wedding. Plus, they make for great photo opps when getting ready!
(from this gorgeous wedding on Style Me Pretty)

Jewelry- You can never go wrong with jewelry! Although diamonds are a girls best friend, they may be out of your budget as a gift. Jewelry for the girls to wear the day of your wedding is perfect, or a piece of jewelry they can wear any day is another great idea.

Thesebracelets have beads that slide to help you "count" your goals, blessings, or glasses of water you've drank each day. Aren't they so cute! I love the idea of them.

Jewelry Box/Holder- Now this isn't any new idea, but It's something your BMs will always remember you by everytime they use it.

I received this ring holder from my sister as a bridal shower gift and just love it! It's so pretty sitting on my nightstand and it's something I'll always cherish.

Warm-Ups/Pjs- Can't have enough of these! A cute pair with their initials is something they can wear time and time again. Plus, like robes make for great photo opps and you can color coordinate them with your wedding or your girls' fave colors.
Victoria Secret Cami and Boyshort Set $26

Concert Tickets- This may not be for every crowd, but after the big day is done wouldn't it be great to get together again and dance to your favorite tunes?

Spa Certificate- If I could, I would have a massage A certificate for a local spa is the perfect way to help your BM relax and be treated to something special. Sign up for Groupon to find some great deals in your area.

What have you given/received to to/as a bridesmaid? What would you like to receive as a bridesmaid?
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