Thursday, March 3, 2011

BEST Wedding Favor

Generally I feel that wedding favors should only be given if it's edible (thank you for the color coordinated Jelly Belly Beans) or can be used on the spot like a change of flip flops or a fan to use at your outdoor wedding in the middle of August (ahem).

In fact, if there wasn't a favor at a wedding, I probably wouldn't even notice. At weddings I've seen drink coasters, bookmarks, shot glasses, which have all been great and fit each couple wonderfully, but this my friends is one of my favorite ideas, plus I know MANY of you collect the darn things!

Granted some of you may want to change that "beer" into a soda depending on your wedding guests, but I thought this idea was so fun and different than the usual favors. The Fiance and I are lucky and blessed that his sister K and her husband M have offered to handle our favors for us and they are going to be the best! I'm so excited for them and knew right away what I wanted to have as a favor for our wedding that's perfect for us as a couple and has some meaning. What is it? You'll find out after May! Sneaky sneaky

What favors have you seen? Anything unusual or amazing?
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