Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celeb Inspiration: Selena Gomez

As the most recent woman with "Bieber Fever" I felt as though Selena Gomez is a fun up-and-coming fashionista to feature. I've always liked what she's worn to event and felt that she is one of the few teens who dress appropriately for their age. Also, I love her full head of hair. My hair is like a third or less of her thickness.

White Hot: It's not just for the summer anymore ladies! She pairs hers with nude shoes that help elongate her legs. That blue polish in the first pic just pops out to me! I love it!

Red Carpet: Selena is one of the few younger celebs who dresses appropriately for her age, which I think is definitely difficult to do at any age, let alone young teens. She chooses fun dresses that show just the right amount of skin. That sweetheart neckline doesn't hurt either- it flatters everyone!

Sea of Color: Miss Gomez isn't afraid to branch out in color and is making me yearn for warmer weather stat. The rich jewel tones and pastels plays up her skin tone and hair color. Note again, how nude shoes are a miracle worker.

Growing Up: For a casual section, I wanted to choose pieces that are a little more mature that show Selena growing up and would be easy for anyone to copy. I love the shorts and blazer paired together and I'm copying that scarf tie soon!

What do you ladies think? Do you like her? Do you think she has a succesful career ahead of her?

Any suggestions for future Celeb or Beauty Inspiration features?
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