Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recent Purchases

M·A·C 'Sheen Supreme' Lipstick in Can't Get Enough

This is the lipstick I wore/bought after having my make-up done for my Bachelorette Party It lasts pretty long and is really moisturizing.
M·A·C 34 Lash
I wore/bought these lashes as well for my Bachelorette Party on the 2nd night in the fuschia dress. They're the same ones Kim Kardashian often wears and even though they feel really lightweight, they are ridiculously long. Like clown-like almost.

AE Distressed Denim Midi Short in Medium Destroyed
I've been on the look out for some shorts that are short, but not short-shorts. Also some with a tailored edge, however, they are no where to be found! The sweet Vanessa of Nessa Loves Makeup foun some super cute ones for me at PacSun, but they didn't hit a good place on my legs. Such a bummer because I loved them. These shorts are the perfect length and the cuff are pretty cute.

F21 Cotton Short w/ Striped Belt in Denim
Product Code: 2074245057
I found these shorts and they totally fit the bill for what I was looking for. They're not really denim, just cotton made to look like denim. They're still short, but not bootie shorts. It's a really flattering length and I'm looking forward to dressing them up this summer.

F21 Racerback Tank in Neon Pink
Product Code: 2000012313
So I know this kind of looks like a work out tank, and maybe it will eventually end up as one, but the bright color just screams summer to me. It will look great layered with a white tank (it's kind of low cut IRL), some layered jewelry and my cut-offs.

F21 Wild Animal Tunic
Product Code: 2075852268
I saw this shirt/tunic worn as a dress last summer at a club. The girl told me she bought it at F21 and I scoured the website and stores the rest of the month. When I saw this pop up online I knew I HAD to have it. It's so cute by itself over shorts/pants, but also make a great cover-up. It's barely long enough to be worn as a dress, so I'm looking forward to wearing it on our Honeymoon.

Shopping Fail
AE Vintage Denim High-Waisted Shortie in Light Vintage Wash
Girls, high-waisted shorts are NOT for me. Definitely not. I thought these shorts were so cute, I loved the outlined pockets and the color and thought that I might be hip enough to pull off wearing them around my hips. Then I got home and tried them again that way and the crotch area hangs way too low. When I showed my mom, she told me "I lived in the high-waisted time, and I didn't even like it then."

My Lust List
American Apparel Medium Leather Carry-All Pouch in Tan
I love clutches. I have tons of colors and different sizes. I've had my eye on this purse for a LONG time and after this post at A Piece of Toast I'm dead set on getting it. My birthday is coming up and I'm hoping this will magically show up on my door step. Hint hint. :D

I also bought several books, The Help and Water for Elephants after reading them I had to own them and went on a hunt. FYI the best retail stores for them are: Costco for Water for Elephants ($8.99) and Target for The Help ($17.49) - only available in hardback, paperback won't be out for months (according to the Barnes and Noble associate). At Costco, I also picked up Jane Eyre, Still Alice, Little Bee and The Alchemist. I’ve found that when I buy books before reading them they usually suck, but Costco said I can bring them back if I don’t like them. I’ve missed out on so many books there because I don’t buy them when I see them, read them later and love them. They’re all around $8.99 for paperback so that’s a steal! I work across the street from the library so I'll check them out from there, I don't want to return used books to Costco- that's kind of ghetto.

Ok, I think this is my last shopping extravaganza. Boo hoo hoo. I'm putting a self-imposed ban on purchasing unnecessary items (like clothes or make-up). I've been cleaning my room and sorting out old summer clothes and I really don't need anymore. I did need some shorts bc I no longer fit into my old shorts, not that I care though! I've never had shapely thighs or a rear-end so bring it on (to those areas only please, leave my buddha belly alone). These two pair, plus another pair that still fit will be enough to get me by. Plus, the wedding is coming up so fast and the Mister will be placing a permanent ban on all shopping so I might as well get a headstart.

What have you been buying or eyeing for the summer? Do you have any of these items? Have you read any of the books?
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