Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Product Review: Tarte Natural Lip Stain

Tarte LipSurgence™ Natural Matte Lip Stain in Lively $24

One of my girlfriends I used to work with (and we attended the same high school, just at different times) A suggested I try Tarte Natural Lip Stain. She loves it and wears it all the time, and her lips did look quite juicy and a pretty pink shade. I put this nugget in my back pocket and added the item to my Sephora Shopping Bag.


Then I was browsing along the web when I saw this picture of Whitney Port (see her Beauty Inspiration post here) and found out she has Tarte Natural Lip Stain in Lively on in the pic and next to Whitney is the color swatch from Sephora's website.

Now I HAD to have it. Gee whiz. So on my next trip to the mall I scoped out the colors in person. I love how the bright pink looks on WPort, but in person it just looked like too much on my hand. I tried nearly all of them (unfortunately, Sephora was out of a lot so my options were limited) and found Tarte Natural Lip Stain in Charmed. It looked so cute on my hand I quickly put it in my real shopping bag.


Here's a swatch from the site, isn't it the prettiest pale pink? The set Charmed is from is not a matte stain and does have some gloss and shimmer to it. Sounds perfect right?

Well here it is on:

From the site: "After 10 years the wait is finally over. These much-anticipated natural lip stains are an extension to the best-selling and award-winning cheek stains. Just like the iconic cheek stains, each emotive, peppermint-infused shade smoothly glides on lips for a natural flush that will stay all day. So say goodbye to reapplying your lip color throughout the day and say hello to a gorgeous pop of color and hydration that lasts."

According to the site, the product promises to "increase lips' moisture content by 6000%" and although I can't scientifically study this, it is really rich and creamy and felt a lot like a chapstick in the moisture department. It felt really nice on my lips and the peppermint smell was subtle which I also liked.
I've worn it a few times this week and the stain stays on my lips until after lunch, around 2PM (when I've applied it at 7AM). The stain is a darker shade of color than it appears when you first apply it and looks better than other stains I've tried.
 Overall, I'm really happy with this product, but wasn't decided on this particular shade. I felt super 80s wearing it the first day and the stain it left behind was darker than I had hoped. I had a first planned on returning the stain for a different shade, but after seeing the above pictures I love the vibrant soft pink and decided the shade it's worth keeping and is perfet for summertime. Ever since putting this post together, I've been rocking the color nearly everyday.

If you can find the right shade for you, I would definitely recommend it! The packaging is perfect for applying the color, the tip is like a crayon and it makes it so easy to apply the color perfectly to you lips. The peppermint is also very nice and isn't overwhelming.  The pencil is a new trend and I keep seeing other brands like Clinique with similar lip pencils ads in all the magazines.

Have you tried lip stains before? Have you ever used Tarte brand? Do you like the pencil shape?
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