Thursday, February 24, 2011


F21 Striped sweater (see this OOTD)
JBrand Skinny Jeans
F21 Necklace
Old Navy Sandals (from yesterday's Recent Purchases)

My co-worker and male bff took this pic of me today, but only on the condition that I don't do the dreaded "sorority" pose because he's bored of it. LOL. So here is his idea of a "rockstar" pose instead, no clue what I'm doing. I think it started as strumming a guitar, but turned into....

I'm so happy with these sandals! They totally rock and are super comfortable. Plus, they really come together when paired with the necklace. I likey! Oh, but don't be fooled that CA has great weather right now just because I'm wearing sandals. It's freezing and it's supposed to start raining tomorrow for the whole weekend. I just looked out the window today and said "F U weather, I'm wearing what I want." I really hope she's not bitter and doesn't bad-karma me.
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