Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wedding Post: Guest Sign-Ins

With the high of being married, the glasses of celebratory champagne, and dancng away the night to your favorite songs, how will you remember every guest who came? Duh, with a guest book!

Out is the 80s plain white guest book and in with the new creative sign-ins that you can keep forever! Weddings have really come so far, honestly they have. Now newlyweds can have the guestbooks be something they can keep forever, on their coffee table, hanging on their walls, or as a decor on a shelf.

Here's some of the things I've seen before and found on the web. Per usual, what I'm doing isn't included- you'll have to wait and see! The Fiance and I just have to find the right items. Granted, some of these ideas are similar to the Conversation Starters Post a few weeks back, but I still wanted to include them. Don't forget, little things like colored pens can make a huge difference with your guest book and can color-coordinate with your theme.

The Wedding Tree is one of my favorites! It would look so cute hanging in your home to!

Another one of my favorites, a guest book filled with pictures of the couple.
Another way to get more use out of your engagement photos!
Image via Paige and Blake Green Photography

This couple had people sign seashells! How creative and totally kept up with their beach wedding.
Guest book quilt- people can sign pieces of paper with their names, a drawing, or advice to later be sewn together into a blanket.
I like the idea of having the blanket made first and having people then sign it. That way, you know it will be put together because it already is!

Give a Wish, Take a Wish- Another one of my favorites!
Literally, a wedding guest tree!

Platter to keep in your kitchen

Guest book frame- this one isn't a new idea, but definitely a favorite!

Old-fashioned Typwriter- I'm seeing this everywhere on wedding blogs

Guest Calendar- Creative and useful! Me likey!

When thinking about your guest book, you may not care and just want something simple, but this is also an opportunity to be creative and have a book that fits your theme or to have for later as a keepsake.

One thing you may want to think about, is people's signatures or notes. Some people who have too much to drink or soberly just has poor ettiquette may write their name gigantically or write "funny" wedding advice that you may not want to display. I know this has been kind of an issue for brides I know, so it's definitely something you may want to keep in mind when choosing a keepsake as a guest book.

What ideas have you seen? Any great ideas you want to share? Any advice?
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