Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm in the market for some new sunnies this year. I've always been fond of large Jackie O sunglasses and want to keep up with that look. I've owned tons of glasses over the years, but always stick to one for most everyday use.

I've rocked this BSG II pair for the past few years:
Then this pair before it, the original Electric BSGs (mine were in a purple shade that's no longer available):
In reality, they're pretty much the same pair and I've been rocking them since 2005 or ealier. There have been some bumps in the road, a lame ex-BF lost one pair and replaced them (same ones), then another pair of BSG IIs went missing in 2009 which were also replaced with the SAME pair, but the above color. Needless to say, I'm in the market for a whole new pair. One that will see me as I dive into the world of being a MRS (married).

Here's what I have my eye on so far, but haven't tried them on yet. You may have spottd them on my Inspiration Board (see post here):

D and G 'Thick Glam' Square Sunglasses in Havana

These are pretty similar to glasses I've worn in the past and I love the whole feel of them. They're available in several colors. I'm not decided on which color, but I'm leaning towards Havana (above).

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Shetland' Cat's Eye Sunglasses in Tortoise

I love the cat eye and it's going to be huge this year! What I like about this pair is that it's a little more subtle. My only worry is the roundness of the bottom, since I have round cheeks, square frames tend to look better on me.

Here are some Hollywood hotties sporting the new trend. I love how chic they are!:

I'm hoping to buy a new pair in the next month so I can wear them for my Bachelorette party in March and for our Honeymoon. I really love the Tortoise shell colors (obviously) because I feel like they really compliment my hair color and skintone, but I'm not opposed to trying other shades. I'm definitely going to try the purple DandG ones the model is wearing, the color is gorg.

However, which pair do you prefer? What sunnies are you wearing and loving?
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