Monday, January 31, 2011

New Spring Inspiration Board

The heat in CA has been up and I've been wearing shorts every weekend, but it's still not "Spring". I haven't worn my new Go Jane wedges yet, even though I'm wearing flip-flops because I'm waiting to wear them with a Spring outfit.
I've been scouring my Nordstrom catalog along with my magazines and have finally put together my new inspiration board. I'm sure I'll be adding to it, right now it's mostly beauty-related things for make-up and hair, but I still wanted to share it with you.

Here's a shot of the whole thing:

Here's some close-ups of the board:

The top focuses on accessories- belting dresses, layering jewelry and different ways to wear scarves (Goodness I own enough of them). Then the middle, upper corner and bottom I have ways to change up your hair al la Whitney Port (remember her Beauty Inspiration post? Gorgeous!), a new nail look, tons of beauty trends I want to try, and some sunglasses I have my eye on (future post coming sone).

I think this board is perfect for this time of year because I can slowly bring on Spring trends before busting them all out at once in mid-February. Even though it is pretty warm here, I still don't want to wear something that could be deemed seasonally-inappropriate. I realize that fashion rules have evolved and I love Winter White, but some garments are too early to wear out sometimes, like lightweight sundresses. Please do not hold me to this because I'm keeping my right to change my mind at anytime. LOL. This time of year before Spring/Summer are really here I like to dress the part of the weather and wear a mix of Winter-Spring clothes Kramey Martin has geniusly dubbed Spri-nter.  For example, my light weight long sleeve with shorts I wore in this OOTD. Perfect Spri-nter outfit for CA!

Switching up my beauty routine to warmer colors, wearing bright lips, and changing my hair are easy switches that I plan on doing this month (and in the warmer seasons) to tide me over until I can officially bring out my Spring/Summer storage boxes of clothes and make the switch. If only it could hurry Mother Nature to bring on the heat!

What are you ladies doing in anticipation of Spring/Summer? From your blogs, I can see that you guys are as excited as I am, but I know many of you still have cold weather. I have a confession for you, since I grew up in Utah, I've never gotten over not having snow in wintertime (see my top 10 of both CA and UT here). All of your pictures that have snow in the background make my heart ache just a tiny bit. How are you divas doing in the cold? What are you looking forward to wearing?
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