Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 Days Until the BIG Day!

Today marks 100 days until the wedding!! Aaagh tomorrow we'll be in double digits! I was so excited I got the Fiance a card (above) and got us something special and something we (really I) need...

A cooking class! Groupon (have you signed up yet??) had a special for classes at the Village Kitchen Shoppe in Glendora, CA so I took advantage and got one for us both to take. We've talked in the past how fun it would be to take a class together and learn to make something delicious and I thought this was the perfect opportunity! The classes are different each week and include some delicious food like Northwood's Inn Cheesebread (absolutely delicious!), Pork Rillettes, plus more.

Also, I'm so happy about the wedding being so close! The Fiance is my pefect match and really does complete me. Being with him has been a complete joy and has brought so much to my life these past years together. They always say that when you meet The One you know and it really is true. I can tell you when and where we met, what we talked about and what we were wearing. From that day forth I knew he was special and I couldn't explain why I was so drawn to him without sounding like a romantic git. We didn't date for several months and in those months we both dated oher people but I always just KNEW he was for me. I'll tell you guys the whole story another time, I'm sure.
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