Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Post: Conversation Starters

Here's some fun ideas I've seen on the web of ways to entertain your guests. You can place them at the guests dinner table, on a table where the guests may be waiting in a line (like for a photobooth or restroom) for something to do while they wait, near the sign-in desk or anywhere you desire since it's YOUR wedding.

These are some of my favorites and I've kept them all under a big wedding file, so I'm unable to give credit to the photographer or the wedding couple- but if this is yours great job (contact me and I'll link back to you)! I'm hoping to incorporate something like this into my wedding, but it's tucked under the task of "Things to put together when everything is done and you're twiddling your thumbs".

Crossword puzzle filled with fun questions about the couple

Post cards from your guests that will be mailed to you while on your honeymoon

Advice from your guests on different topics for each table

Adlibs for your guests to fill out

Pictures and advice from each guest

Your guests' choice of a memory, well wish or advice

Smart advice (or trouble!) could come from this one

I Spy Game

Swatches of fabric for each guest to sign with a special note that will be later sewn together into a blanket

My Big Sis in the sorority had a fun sheet for each guest to fill out with fun questions about the couple and the wedding with a place for each guest to draw them! It was a big hit!

What do you ladies like? Which do you think would get the best results? What have you seen at weddings or what did you do at your own?

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