Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Forever 21 Tunic
Mossimo Leggings from Target (I wear two pairs for warmth and so that they're not sheer)
Steve Madden "Instyce" Boots (from this post)
Forever 21 Necklace (from this post, same as the boots)

Look at me go! 2 OOTD posts so far this month, I'm already 50% completed with my Resolutions!! Also, my wedding invitations are in the process- template done, paper picked out and I should be able to rock and roll with those puppies next week! Wow. Where would I be without you lovely ladies???? I tell you where, still crying about the invitations and heading to work in an oversize sweater, lame shoes, no make-up, and flat gross hair, that's where. You guys are totally helping me to be on track with my goals with all your love, inspiration, and fun blog posts on each of your sites.

You may notice that I'm a little tanner in the picture than the norm and that's because I got a spray tan! Woohoo! I love it and I'll be doing a review next week on the process!!

What have you ladies been wearing? From what I understand, the weather has been all crazy all over the USofA and some of you have warm weather while others are freezing!! I'm still living in my leggings as you can see, but I'm already shopping for some summer pieces.
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