Monday, January 17, 2011

OOTD & Nails

H&M Sheer Button-down shirt (last seen in this post about the appropriateness of the sheer)
Mossimo leggings (2 pairs)
Steve Madden "Intyce" boots
(pic was taken at the end of the day, that's why my shirt is wrinkly)

Ok, don't hate. I'm STILL sporting my leggings. I swear I don't wear them everyday! Just once or twice a week, and of course those are the days I have someone available to take my pic. Gee whiz. I'll have to do an extra OOTD post just to prove that I do wear clothes other than leggings.

In other good news, I finally got my claws on OPI Burlesque Sparkle-icious (from this post). This is with one coat of a purple base for color and three coats OPI. I've heard a lot from other bloggers that they had a lot of chipping, but this pic is from day 3 of my mani and I've only had a slight chip at the tips of a few nails and you can't even see them in the pic. I think the base coat is what's helping, so if you ladies try some major glitter tips try doing a single base coat first to give the glitter some sticking power.
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