Monday, May 3, 2010

I Can See Your Halo- Angel Game

Last week, my BF's friend and his girlfriend scored some free tickets to the Angel game. Although I don't care about baseball, I can't turn anything free down. Plus, watching sports live is great. We had a fun time with them and stayed out far too late enjoying ourselves. Thanks again C and K!
K and I

The boys rocking their Dodger gear in camouflage

The four of us before the game started

Funny story; when the group picked me up my BF quickly quipped that he could see my bra through my shirt, then when I turned to face him he was shocked that it was completely see through. I told him that it was "fashion" and you're supposed to see it. He then announced it to K and C just for their information. Ha ha! Then when we were at the stadium, I overheard a group of high school boys saying "Ohmygosh, you could totally see that girl's bra!". Just so we're all aware, the shirt is not anymore see through than in the pics and I totally wore a "granny" type bra under.

Was I wrong to wear it this way? How should I wear it the next time? When I bought this top, I bought it with this particular outfit in mind. I've seen it styled this way in magazines and on the runway and I felt kinda hot wearing it. Maybe it just didn't translate well into the real world? What are your thoughts?
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