Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Just About Here, SATC2!

I know you've seen the pictures all over the internet and tons of bloggers have already done posts, but I just can't help myself (I'm like an animal..hehe a little 80s throwback there, did you catch it?).I can't wait to see this movie! For the first one, there was a group of 12+ that went, but this year all of us will be out of town for Memorial Weekend. Some of my still active sorority sisters are seeing the movie at midnight, but let's face the facts- I'm a grandma and can't stay up that late watching anything. I would be passed out before the movie started, regardless of my enthusiasm. Hopefully, one of my amazing GFs might be able to get a copy of the film on DVD (bootleg? ...never) so we might have a little rendevous after the holiday weekend.

Here pictures of the ladies for their fabulous movie premiere:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Don't they look stunning? I loved what each of them wore. Kristin Davis is gorgeous in that hot pink hue, Cynthia Nixon hair and make up are so lovely. Even though she didn't walk the crazy side with her dress, she looks so elegant. I'm really loving her look a lot. Kim Cattral could have stepped it up a notch, but she still looks great. Her hair and make-up are also fun and sexy.

SJP gets her own collage because her dress is to die for. I love the canary yellow hue (my fave color actually), the neckline, the cut, and the sheer fabric. She must love how she feels in it, look at all the fun she's having with the skirt!

Here's some more pics of the girls together:

Here's what SJP wore to the afterparty, I love it!:

What do you dolls think? Who do you think is best dressed? Have you bought your tickets for the movie yet?
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