Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Product Review: Sephora Collection Makeup Pallete To Go Bronze Colors


After the post about the Sephora Collection Color Play I decided to stop in to check it out. They were gorgeous, but I wasn't sure about the quality or if it would be a good buy. I looked around and on my way to check out I saw this little collection of eye and lip colors with a bronzer and I was sold! The colors were beautiful, it was compact and a good price ($15) . I knew it was half as much as the larger collection, but I still didn't want all those shadows if I didn't like their brand. Remember my Ulta disappointment

So, I popped this sucker into my bag and I've used it almost everyday since! I love it! It's the Sephora Collection Palette To Go in Bronze (Cool colors are also available) The eyeshadows are true to their colors, vibrant and last all day without any primer.

I'm very happy with the purchase and plan on using more of the Sephora brand makeup and I hope that the Color Play is still in stock the next time I go in.

Here are the eyeshadows in action (sorry I didn't get any pics of the bronzer or lip colors!)
The browns/golds with the blue along my upper lash line

The browns/gold with the green along my lower lash line like an eyeliner (oh goodness look at those smile wrinkles!!! Holy F! Gotta start using my eye cream night and day ASAP)

Both the blue and green are gorgeous colors and would be great used on the entire lid, but I just used it as an accent because I wore them to work. I love using eyeshadow as a liner, it's a great pop of color. Plus, for people who are scared of color or something so bold, it's a subtle change. The lipstick adds just a touch of color, no scent, but I'll probably not use them often...if ever. The bronzer is a great color with pretty shimmer, but the small size isn't ideal for everyday use, but perfect for on the go touch-ups (probably why it's the "on the go" pallette). I definitely want to try their bronzer in regular size soon.

On a side note, do you love/hate the little displays on your way to checkout? It's such a great marketing ploy! It's an easy way to spend money mindlessly, but at the same point, those smaller sizes are great to try something out without making the commitment for the big size.

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Coley said...

I've also been pleasantly surprised by the Sephora brand cosmetics. Thanks for the great review!

Jessica said...

Thanks for this review. I haven't tried any of the Sephora collection line but its good to know that others like it.

Frances @ It's Sew My Style said...

I've never tried the Sephora products. I'm a little blind when it comes to picking out make-up. I have no idea what to buy or how to apply it in creative ways. I love that you mixed the bronze colors with the blue and green. It looks fab!

Amanda said...

Great idea!! Love the look you created with it!

Anonymous said...

i'm venturing out, on crutches, to buy this today. or maybe i'll just order it...crutches at the mall could be dangerous.