Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Score! Celebrity Knock-Off


When I saw this picture of Ellen Pompeo, I fell in love with her chic and casual look. I rarely think she looks glamorous, but since she first made her pregnancy announcement, I must say her looks have improved or maybe it's just the motherly glow? Regardless I kept a mental note of this look because I thought it'd be easy to re-create, be comfortable, and would be perfect for summer.

Then when I did my usual online shopping- you know checking at all my regular shops- I found this little gem:

It's only $29.80! You can find it online here. I know there's some differences, it's polyester instead of chambray, and the shoulder detail is different as well, but WHO THE H CARES for that price?!? I haven't bought it yet, but did drop it into my cart & wish list.

Don't you love when you find alternatives to looks you like?

**Update: There is no new announcement for Ellen Pompeo (that I know of anyways) and she is not pregnant with a second child- I just need to proofread my posts more thoroughly. LOL. Sorry for the confusion**
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