Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Celeb Inspiration: Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger's style is one that nearly every woman adores. She's constantly pushing the envelope, trying new styles, wearing bright colors, etc while always looking elegant. She's a great example of trying something new and just going for it.  Her make-up is pretty minimal with some daring lips. I'm always in awe of her hair- she's constantly trying new things, keeps it pretty low key, and a lot of her looks are pretty easy to copy. Diane always looks chic with lots of European style.

Street Chic- Diane's casual style is very feminine, lots of skirts, girly colors, and easy breezy clothes. She's not afraid to wear hats too, which takes her look up a level, but still keeps her casual. Most women don't wear hats, but Diane shows us ways to wear them and still scream chic and girly. Just take a look at the bow in her side braid with the fedora towards the bottom- LOVE it!

Daring Sense of Style- Full skirts? Pounds of beads? Micro minis? Structured shoulders? Velvet? YES PLEASE! Diane is constantly wearing new trends and silhouettes. How many women can completely rock a long jumper or pant suit the way Diane does so effortlessly? Mmmmmmm... not many. Oh! Look at how she wowed with the harem pants- 1. who wears harem pants? 2. of those people, who wears them so chicly? I loved how she pulled them off, I would never dare to rock them.

Red Carpet- Diane is all over the board with changing hemlines, sheer fabric, colors, and amazing bags & shoes. She's one of my favorite stars to see on the red carpet just because of the diversity of her choices. I might not always like her picks, but commend her for never being boring (talking to you J.Aniston!).

My Favorite Looks- These are my the looks that have really caught my eye and forced me to learn the name of this gorgeous blonde. Each fashion choice looks great on her and I love her hair/makeup/accessories with each one. I would love to go shopping with her just to see clothes and outfits in a different and creative way. Diane is one chick who wears clothes as not just an expression of style but as art as well without being ridiculous. Isn't her hair gorgeous? I wish my hair looked as great as hers pulled back.

What do you lovelies think? What's your favorite look? What do you admire most about her style?
Any suggestions for future Celeb Inspirations? I'm already working on some future posts based on your suggestions, Diane was one of them!
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