Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Eyeshadow How-To

The two top questions I get is about my hair and my eyeshadow. I'll definitely do a hair how-to soon, but I thought I'd start with my eyeshadow first.

First, I'd like to point out a few things.
1. My eyelids are considered "hooded" so this technique might not work for you, but you may be able to change some things to get a look you like.
2. This is my basic formula for all my eyeshadow looks. I use this for colored shadows, everyday wear, and for one of my smoky eyes. I'll tell you what colors I use, but you can create the same look with any palette.

Step one:
After putting on concealer (dust powder afterwards) or primer (to help my shadow last all day) I put my highlighter on my brow bone and inner corner of my eye. For a palette, you would use the lightest color here. Here, I used MAC Phloof.

Step two:
I then use a light tan/bronze color over my entire lid. In a palette, this would be the next lightest shade. Here I used the upper left color in my Sephora Collection Palette To Go, but often use MAC Honesty, All That GlittersHoney Lust or Shroom. It just depends on my mood or what I'm wearing that day...if I know what that is by then.

Step Three:
Then I use a medium tan/gold color in the crease and upper part of my lid, making sure the lighter color is still visible at my lash line. Here I used the third shadow from the bottom left (going L-R) from my Sephora Palette. This would be the third darkest color in a palette. I also use MAC Woodwinked or Romp, or the third shade in my Maybelline Bronze Eye Studio Pallette here as well. Romp and Woodwinked are two of my favorite shadows from MAC, they're perfect for the crease or over the whole lid for a bronze smoky eye.

Step four:
Then in the outer corner blending into the crease I use a dark brown. This would be the darkest color in a palette. Here I used a mix of the bottom two (L-R) shades in my Sephora Palette. I often use MAC Embark, Romp, or the darkest color in the Maybelline Bronze Eye Studio palette.

Step five:
Depending on what I'm wearing, how I feel, or where I'm going, I then smudge a little black into the bottom outer corner blending into my outer lash line. I use either MAC Print or Typographic. Use more black (or gray) for a darker look.

Step six:
I add my liquid liner, pencil on my bottom lid, then curl and add mascara and I'm ready to go!

So, there you have it. My basic eyeshadow formula. I'll do a dark smoky eye as soon as I go somewhere special. Ha!

For brushes, I used a basic shadow brush like this one (these are not the actual brand I have, but same type of brush):

and a tapered blending brush for the outer corner and crease like this one:

Did you find this useful? What other looks would you like to see?

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