Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Playlist- Rap

This playlist is dedicated to rap (obvi from the post's title), which BTW was so hard to put together because a lot of artists work together on songs, so it was hard to figure out which artist to credit. So because of this, I'm sure some of these may be wrong, but I did look most of them up to be sure. I tried to choose songs that are old and new and just make you want to dance and have a great time or take you back to a fun memory (Hello spring break 2003 in Rosarito anytime I hear In Da Club by 50 Cent). Check out the Old School Playlist here in case you missed it.

This playlist is great for getting ready to go out, getting pumped in your car, or that magical ride into Vegas when you first spot the strip. Each song was picked because they get my blood rushing, my feet moving, and a smile spreads across my face because "my song" just came on. Or to yell out "rap video" and pour bottles and do a "tough" face for a picture and then laugh at how ridiculous it is.

Every list contains my favorites and I'm sure there's tons of great songs I've left off, so PLEASE leave your favorite in a comment below! I'm hoping to add some really great songs this week, just in time for my first summer vacation.

  1. Snoop Dogg- Ain't No Fun (If the homies can't get none)/Gangsta Luv/Gin and Juice/Nothin but a G Thing/Drop it Like its Hot
  2. R Kelly- I'm a Flirt/Go Getta
  3. MIMS- This is Why I'm Hot/Like This
  4. Fat Joe- Make it Rain (the remix is my fave, but both songs are great)/Drop/Lean Back
  5. Jay-Z- Big Pimpin'/99 Problems/Can I Get A.../Empire State of Mind/Jockin' Jay-Z/Young Forever
  6. 50 Cent- In Da Club/Just A Lil Bit/Magic Stick/Candy Shop/Shake that A**/PIMP/Disco Inferno/How We Do
  7. TI- Big Things Poppin'/ What You Know/Bring Em Out/Swagger Like Us
  8. DJ Unk- Walk it Out
  9. Taio Cruz- Break Your Heart
  10. David Guetta- Sexy B****
  11. T Pain- Buy U A Drink/I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper/Bartender 
  12. Trey Songz- Say Aah
  13. Diddy- Last Night/I Need A Girl/Bad Boy For Life/Peaches & Cream/Come To Me/Tell Me/Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
  14. Sean Paul- Temperature/Get Busy/We Be Burnin/Break it Off
  15. Lil John- Snap Yo Fingers/Get Low/What You Gon' Do/Lovers & Friends
  16. Gorilla Zoe- Hood N****
  17. Flo Rida- Low, In the Ayer
  18. Eminem- Shake That/Crack A Bottle/Lose Yourself/Without Me/The Real Slim Shady
  19. PitBull- Hotel Service/ Go Girl/ Mentirosa/ The Anthem/ Crazy/Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)
  20. Cassidy- My Drink N My 2 Step/Hotel
  21. Chris Brown- Run It/Wall to Wall/Kiss Kiss
  22. Lil Wayne- Prom Queen/Mrs Officer/Lollipop/Drop the World/Stuntin Like My Daddy
  23. Kanye West- Stronger/Good Life/Gold Digger/Heartless/Touch the Sky
  24. DJ Khaled- We Taking Over/Out Here Grindin
  25. Jagged Edge- Lets Get Married Remix/Where the Party At
  26. Drake- Over/Best I Ever Had/Thank Me Later/Forever/Find Your Love
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