Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celeb Inspiration: Cameron Diaz

Since I have Katy Perry's new song "California Girls" stuck in my head, I figured who else would be a perfect Celeb Inspiration than Cameron? This lady has a great casual sense of style, but can really bring it on the red carpet. There were SO many pictures I wanted to feature of her, but tried to stick with this 30 or so (lol). Her style is very laid back, but still chic. Even on the red carpet her hair is never fussy. I'll give a break down of all her different looks.

Street Casual- First, her street casual (some relaxed red carpet pics were included) is so chic. I don't know of any woman who can work a pair of jeans like her. She has amazing legs and her jean choices really show them off. She also looks very polished, even when "dressing down". A huge key to Cameron's style is her accessories. Most of her outfits are pretty basic (white button down, basic tees/tanks, dark jeans), but what really pulls her look together is how she wears them- scarfs, jackets, killer shoes, or a great bag help to step up her look helping her go from "just another day" to "I'm game for anything".

Her boots were made for walkin! Focusing on her major accessory of choice, just take a look at how Cameron uses her shoes to make a statement:
She takeS advantage of shoes bright colors to snazzy up anything she wears. Could you imagine her closet? Although I've seen leopard heels around, I never felt like I needed a pair until now.

Stylishly Chic-Miss Diaz knows how to look so chic with a short hemline and chooses dresses that show her great physique. If she's not using colored shoes, her go-to shoe is nude, elongating her lean stems.

Red carpet- Cameron doesn't miss a beat bringing glamour to special events. What I admire most about her style is her courageousness. She's not afraid of different cuts, colors, or using jewelry to add some color. My favorite looks of hers would be the long gold 70s-ish dress (remind me of Goldie Hawn), her gorgeous fuschia gown with turquoise jewelry, and her recent Oscar dress.

I love this pic, it's so funny

What do you think of Cameron's style? Who should be the next Celeb Inspiration?

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