Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wow, look at me getting a start on my resolutions!! Woohoo! This outfit is SO much cuter in real life, I attribute the fact of the not-so-cute picture to these reasons; 1. It's on a cell phone, 2. Poor lighting and 3. I don't think the color of the wall is doing anything for my complexion. Oh well, lesson learned!

The Fiance thought my outfit was cute today so here it is for my first OOTD this year! I was inspired by the below pic of Eve, something simple, comfortable and cute. My hair is from yesterday, I just brushed the top to smooth out the frizzies and teased my crown for some volume.  Also, I'm not wearing any make-up- I'll definitely be wearing some in ALL future pictures I post on here!! I just didn't feel like waking up today or getting ready. I'm wearing a crew neck sweater from Old Navy, basic white tank underneath, Mossimo leggings and leopard print flats from Target.

I've had some recent questions about how I curl my hair, see my How-To Post HERE. My hair holds a curly really well naturally, but curling it the way in the How-To post helps for any hair type to hold a curl longer. For my hair above, I curled it yesterday but I left the last 2 inches of each section loose for a more natural wave. How do you curl your hair?
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