Monday, January 24, 2011

Viva La Mexico! (Otra Vez)

For MLK weekend, several of our friends set out on a 4 day cruise from Long Beach, CA to Esnsenada, Mexico. It was a great time and it was so nice to get away! Plus, I get the best sleep on boats because of the rocking of the ship.

Here we are ready to sail!

The Left-handers side of the table! Can you believe there was three of us?

On our way into Ensanada! We always stop at Mango Mango to spend the day.

Some of the Fiance's family friends (who were also there to witness our proposal- check it out here) were there and met up with us!

The last day of the cruise was at sea, and it went by so slow! We had the best time though!

We played some rounds of put put golf, and here's the pics for the hole in one club! That's right, I'm a member by two!

After dinner our last night

All in all it was a great trip! I think I'm done for a while though, this was my 4-5th trip on the same boat to the same destination. I think our next cruise should be for somewhere different like Alaska or the Bahamas!

Have you guys been on a cruise before? They're so much fun! All we did was eat, eat, eat. Matt cracked me up with how much food he consumed, he's like a bottom-less pit. I've done a 7 day cruise before, but that's too long on a boat for me. I think 4-5 days are best. I also get sea-sick really easy, so I swear by the patches! If you even think you could be sick, just use them!
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