Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding Post: Shoes

So my dear friends, I've been on the hunt for some wedding shoes to go with my beautiful dress. Recently, it's been a trend for the groom to give a designer pair to the bride as a wedding gift. It's a great idea and perfect for loads of ladies, but it doesn't necessarily work for me. Let me tell you why, first I'm not a shoe diva so there isn't a pair of Jimmy Choos or Louboutins I've been drooling over. I'm also really hard on shoes and have noticed that my expensive shoes last just as long as some of my cheapies, so now I just buy what I like and not care too much for the brand. Also, we're paying for the wedding ourselves and I just cannot justify my Fiance spending $$$ on a pair of shoes I may never wear again and will only wear for a small amount of time. I'd rather splurge a little more on our honeymoon, a piece of jewelry I can have for years or something else entirely.

For wedding shoes, I'm having a difficult time because I don't want too high of a heel. My Fiance is two inches taller than me and he really doesn't want me towering over him in high heels and higher hair. My sister and I often joke about me becoming a monster bride and the guests running away in fear of being eaten - kind of like the scene in Monsters vs Aliens. I also would like to find shoes I will wear again and will be comfortable. I'm 5'8" so any shoe 4 inches or more makes me 6 ft tall. Also, soft golds and ivories go better with my dress than silver. I've also thought of wearing shoes of color to match my theme, but can't find any soft pink or yellow shoes I care for and I already have my something blue.

So I thought that I'd turn to some of my favorite bloggers, readers and friends to help me make my decision!

Here's some shoes I've spotted and my feelings about them, I'm not dead set on any of these shoes yet and I'm still trolling the internet for the perfect Cinderella fit:
TOMS 'Classic' Glitter Slip-On in Pink or Nude.

These are my top pick so far because they're sparkly, pretty, no heel and will be comfortable to wear all night long. Also, TOMS are part of a great One for One cause and every pair that is bought a pair is given away to a child in need.. The only drawback is that although they're fun, I don't know if they will feel "dressy" enough once I'm wearing them. Not that anyone can even see them under my dress anyways, but still. The second con is that I only wear shoes like this when I'm camping and working out so I'm not sure if this is really my "style". I do have an inkling that I'll love these shoes and will wear the heck out of them.
Steve Madden 'Haylow' Sandal in Gold Glitter

These shoes would be perfect for my dress; sexy, dressy and sprakly!! Steve Madden shoes are pretty comfortable so I'll probably be able to wear them for a few hours during the wedding. Pro: I'd feel great wearing them (for the few hours anyways) and would definitely wear them again. Con: The heel is over five inches! That puts me in giant grounds.

Jessica Simpson 'Alek' Pump in Champagne Satin

This shoe is dressy, pretty, will go well with my dress and I'll probably wear it again. However, it's just over four inches so it's not too bad, but more height than I would like.

Steve Madden 'Feelixx' Pump in Champagne Satin

This is a 41/2 inch heel so it's not too bad, and I love the fun bling in the front! The reviews online for them nearly all say that they're quite comfortable so that's a plus. Unfortunately, it's just barely over my heighth limit, but I still considerate them in the running.

Ivanka Trump 'Doublet' Sandal in Pale Grey

This heel is exactly 4 inches so it definitely works for me! I love the simplicity of the straps and the gorgeous glass embellishments. They're definitely dressy enough and I think they'll give me that Cinderella feel. I love how elegant these shoes are and I'm sure I'll get future use out of them. These also got great reviews online and are one of my favorites thus far for heels.


Reef Krystal Star in Taupe/Champagne

These are definitely a lot more casual, but the color will go well with my dress. Considering the wedding is outside the flat bottom of the shoe is perfect for walking in the grass and dancing, and the slight wedge will give me a little bit of heighth. Plus, I KNOW I'll use these in the future.

So friends, what's your take? Should I go for a heel or some flats? I know I could wear a heel for the ceremony and then change to something more comfortable for the reception, but after some consideration I'd rather save the money and just buy one pair for both events.

Some items to note in helping me make a decision are:

1. Height of the heel
2. Our wedding overall is semi-formal
3. Both the ceremony and reception are outdoors and there will be grass.

Which shoe is your favorite? Have another shoe you would like to suggest? What did you wear for your wedding?
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