Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celeb Inspiration: Charlize Theron

Charlize is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. From fresh faced to old glamour, she is always look hot hot hot!

Grey is the new Black: I LOVE the way grey compliments everyone and is ready for any occasion. Charlize has worn is comfortably, on the red carpet, and quite chicly.

Red Carpet: This glamazon knows what shapes accentuate her long figure and shows off her curves just right.

Risk-Taker: Miss Theron is right on trend, sometimes before it becomes a trend even, with vibrant colors, new cuts, or killer hemlines.

Casual: If it wasn't for the movie Monster, I would never know that Charlize could ever look less than chic. Skinny jeans and big sunnies are some go-to item in her closet.

Sassy: Charlize stands out with with some amazing cocktail frocks. Digging for gold, vibrant colors, and anything-but-a-Stepford wife dresses are some of my faves.

Do you like Charlize's style? What's your favorite look?
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