Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beauty Inspiration: Carrie Underwood

Curly golden locks, long lush eyelashes and glossy lips- my beauty dream come true! I'm seriously in love with Carrie Underwood's beauty and hair! I've kept a couple of these images saved for possible wedding day looks too.

Carrie always has the right amount of a smoky eye and her skin always looks as though it's glowing. Her eye look is always warm and never overdone. I think she definitely has some of the best faux lashes in town! They're never dramatically fake or spidery long, just full and soft.

Let's not forget that she always has plenty of volume in her hair, which I just love. Her hair always looks so touchably soft. Her side pontytail always reminds me of how romantic the look can be and not childlike in any sense. It's the perfect solution to wanting an updo, but still having hair to frame your face.


What do you think of Carrie's beauty routine? Do you love her looks? What about her hair? I bought MAC Pink Swoon blush after hearing that she wore it on her wedding day and love it! I've worn it nearly everyday since I've bought it. See my review here. I think Carrie is going to be my new muse for the year, I am seriously just in love with her entire look. It's so feminine, polished, and warm. What do you think?

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