Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Product Review: MAC Powder Blush- Pink Swoon

I've been on the hunt for a different blush recently, just wanting to switch mine up from my usual MAC Blush Two Virtues (see my post about it here) or Sunbasque, but I wanted to try something that looks more natural and less shimmery. I first heard about MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon (buy here from MAC) when Carrie Underwood wore it on her wedding day- doesn't her make-up look amazing?? Then I kept seeing the same color pop up all over blogs, magazines, etc. I even read that this is a shade Kim K uses often and since she and Carrie have cheeks that are the perfect pale pink with a flushed look I thought I'd go for it.

*Sidenote, I did say that my next blush purchase would be NARS Orgasm, but I just love this shade of pink! Maybe I'll buy Orgasm when I'm out of Pink Swoon

Here are the swatches from MAC and Nordstrom's websites. It really looks like that bright pink shade on the left IRL in the pot, but it is such a soft color on, just like the picture on the right.

Here it is on me:

I just love it!! it's the perfect flushed look and looks VERY natural. The first day I wore it, I got two compliments from co-workers, one of which is a (very straight) man!! Nothing was special about my make-up either, just my usual eye shadow and make-up routine, the only change was my blush so I knew I had a winner!

As for a review, this is a great shade for various skin tones. It gives a perfectly flushed look, like you just walked up a flight of stairs or blushed because of a cute boy. It's very sheer, and easy to build color.There's no shimmer in it, but layers well with MAC Irridescent powder (see my review of it here). It retails for $18.50, so it is more than your drugstore find, but worth every penny!

What color and brand of blush do you wear? Do you ever switch it up?
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