Monday, November 1, 2010

Walk Now for Autism Speaks Pictures

A few weeks ago, I posted about a walk I was participating in with friends and family for my Fiance's nephew Logan to support Autism Speaks, check out the original post here. We had a great time at the walk and supporting Autism and its awareness. It's a wonderful experience to know that you're contributing to a good cause and to meet other people with loved ones with Autism. At the walk they had booths that support Autism, different companies or programs for Autistic children, and fun activities for the children. They also had all Gluten and Casein free food available. Thank you to everyone for your support and to the people who attended the event! Maybe one day we'll find a cure!

Our team raised over $2500 and the cause supplied us with our own booth and banner:


Here's the big man of the day with his father:

(I'm really sad we missed the Yoda photo opp)

One of my BFFs from Utah was in town and attended the walk with her little guy to help support the cause.

Let the walking commence! The walk was held in San Diego, CA and was a two mile loop. The weather was great along with the scenery and luckily for us it didn't get too hot!

Here's Logan taking a little break for the day! It didn't last long though, he was up and about with all of the excitement!
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