Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celeb Inspiration: Anne Hathaway

I love Anne Hathaway. Plain and simple. She gorgeous, grounded, makes great films, and is stunning on the red carpet. I truly admire her versatile talent and have loved all the interviews I've read of hers. As her career grows, my fondness of her does too. Even though in her interview with InStyle magazine she claimed "I think I’ve got really weird features. I have very large features on a very small head, but, you know, I’m not going to beat myself up… I look like myself, and I think at the end of the day, as nice as pretty is, authenticity is more important," I find her a classic beauty and enjoy the fact that she looks different from other Hollywood beauties. I'll just be honest, Anne Hathaway can do NO WRONG in my eyes. In fact, if she wasn't a huge celebrity and we lived close to each other, I bet we would be the best of friends. I would also like to note that it was painful editing out some of the pictures since I think she always looks beautiful. You'll be able to see where I was able to restrain myself and where I just went mildly wild.

Jewel Tones: With fair skin and dark hair, Anne knows that a jewel toned frock will help her really shine.

Tights: Anne shows us the importance warmth with the use of tights in the winter time and how chic they can make any outfit.

Black and White: You can't go wrong with basic colors like black or white. Miss Hathaway nevers lets them be boring though and continually WOWs us on the red carpet.

Red Carpet: Anne Hathaway really is a princess, check out her STUNNING gowns she's worn. She's always feminine and elegant.

Casual: I've read that Anne likes to keep her casual style just that- casual! And that she also likes her casual style to be a bit tomboyish since she's always so done up for the red carpet.

So beauties, what's your thoughts on the lovely Miss Anne? Do you love her as much as I do?
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