Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mascara & Liner: The Battle Between Brown vs Black

This week I've had a little showdown using black mascara and eye liner and then switching to brown mascara and eye liner. I've never tried brown mascara before, or even the black-brown color. I've had some friends who used it and I could never understand why you would unless you had fair skin, light eyes and light hair. However, even though I love dramatic make-up, I also love the natural look of make-up and thought I should give it a whirl with the brown.

Here I am with the brown:

Here I am with the black:

I think the brown is much more natural looking, is very soft and flirty and the perfect look for day time or when I'm wearing just mascara and no liner. As for the black, I felt that it gives my eyes more of a "pop" and helped them to stand out. Now, I do see that I am definitely more "awake" in the second photo and can't tell if it's really the black mascara/liner combo or the fact that I indeed was more awake for the picture. The world will never know....

Overall, I really like both looks and plan on investing in some good brown mascara and liner instead of the $1 ones I used for this experiment (I just didn't want to spend the dinero if I wasn't going to like the product). I've seen been switching back and forth between the two colors depending on my make-up look I'm going for since starting the experiment and would definitely suggest to everyone out there to try brown mascara/liner if you have not already!

It's such an easy change, one that few would probably notice other than yourself. The brown is perfect on days when you're not doing a full face of make-up (like eye shadow) or when you're looking for a more natural look. If you're going out for a hot date or wearing darker eye shadow, I would definitely suggest that black mascara/liner is the better choice because the brown doesn't stand out as much against the shadow as black.

Which color do you like best on me? What color mascara and liner do you use? Have you always used one shade and not another?
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