Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Tried It Tuesdays- Green Eyeshadow

Ok, so with my first Beauty Inspiration last week, I've thought I could switch up my Tuesday reviews with some I Tried It Tuesdays to showcase new beauty trends or looks that have caught my eye.

Let's get started shall we? If you haven't noticed, I have a ton of make-up (see this post for confirmation) and need to start mixing up my regular neutrals in favor of some new hues. Well, I love the green shadow from my Sephora Palette To Go from this post and I love this look from Scarlett Johansson (check out her Celeb Inspiration post here):

So here it is on me:

I used the green shadow from my Sephora To Go Palette this post, I know it's a bit darker, but I think it looks better with my dark eyes and makes it a little easier to wear during the day.

How to do it: After using some foundation and powder on my lids to help the shadow "stick" I first used Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Shadow in Gold Rush on my inner corners and brow bone as a highlighter (see my review on the shadow here). Then I washed the green shadow all over my lid from lashline up to the crease and used a smaller brush to line my lower lids. I then blended the shadow on it's edges to soften the look. Topped it with liner and mascara and I was off!

InStyle even called green a fall shade that's neutral to wear! Wow, I'm so hip. Check their tips out here.

What do you think? Do you like this idea for new posts? What do you want to see next?
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