Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Product Review: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eyeshadow

There I was roaming the mall killing some time before meeting my buddy for dinner and thought I would check out Victoria Secret. I had my eye set on a gorgeous palette and when I  to buy it I checked out the bins of fun goodies while I waited...

You know the ones, full of their shiny lip glosses, balms, and eye makeup. Next to the shelves with travel size lotions and perfumes?? Ya THOSE ones. I was a marketing major in college and know all the tricks, yet this particular one always work on me.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Bronzinger (Dark Brown)Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Gold Rush

Back to the review, I found these Wet/Dry Shadows and LOVED the Bronzinger and Gold Rush shades. I just HAD TO HAVE THEM. Nevermind the excessive makeup hoard I have at home (see exhibit A here). They were on sale from the usual 2 for $12 to 5 for $20. Hello good deal! I had to find some other items to go with it for my great deal and chose black mascara, shadow in Plum Crazy (a dark purple with lots of shimmer and a hint of blue), and blue eyeliner to complete the deal.

I've been using these two particular shades almost everyday. They look great by themselves, together and paired with other shadows. I especially like to put Gold Rush on top of my cheeks for some extra shine.

-Very pigmented, looks the same on as they do in the package or when you swipe the color on your hand
-Last all day without fading or creasing
-Blends well
-Depending on the color, is versatile enough to use on your cheeks for some shimmer (the white or pink shades would also look cute on your cheeks)
-Great price! Even without the sale deal each shadow is only $7.50, a great medium for drugstore buys vs other counter makeup brands

-Nothing that I can think of...except it's not available anywhere else but Victoria Secret (obvi)

Here is Gold Rush on my entire lid with Bronzinger in my crease:

IDK why it's so shimmery in the first pic, but not in the second. It's really shimmery in real life like the first pic, but the color is truer to life in the 2nd pic. So just imagine the two pictures combined in real life.

How it looks on my cheeks, see that extra shine on the apples?

Here's Plum Crazy with Gold Rush in my inner corner and as a highlighter.

Yay! I'm so glad I bought these shadows on a whim, they've turned out to be a great addition to my makeup bag. I'm also pretty stoked I was able to get this post done today. I hate not being on schedule!

Anyways, have any of you tried any Victoria Secret makeup? What was your experience? Have you tried any new brands in general?
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