Wednesday, September 15, 2010

People Magazine's 10 Best Dressed

People Magazine came out with their 10 Best Dressed for this year. Here's the list:
-Jennifer Aniston
-Jessica Alba
-Lea Michele
-Zoe Saldana
-Gwen Stefani
-Kate Middleton
-Rachel Bilson
-Olivia Palermo
-Diane Kruger

Do you agree? For the most part I do, I don't think that Jennifer Aniston should be on there- she so boring and she had a lot of so-so moments this year, Rihanna would be on my list for last year, but I feel that this year she's in a weird transition period for her style. Gwen Stefani does always look fabulous, but I don't know many people who copy her style because it's not something most everyday women can pull off. Kate Middleton- she's Prince William's boo if you don't recognize her name. I wouldn't list her just because most people don't really know who she is.

Here's my updated 10 Best Dressed for 2010 to replace those four, but keeping the remaining six:

-Blake Lively: She always looks fabulous and sexy!
-Cameron Diaz: This year's Oscar dresses blew me away! Plus her everyday style is gorgeous.
-Dakota Fanning: Love her red carpet choices and she always dresses her age.
-Lady Gaga: Would I wear everything she does? Hell no. Do most everyday women wear what she wears? Hell no. But is she not afraid to be who she is and uses fashion to make a statement? Hell yes and that's why she's on my list.

Who's on your list? What do you think of People's 10 Best Dressed?
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