Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yay or Nay? Summer Styles in Fall/Winter

Now, I know Fall has officially started just last week, and in many parts of the country you would never be able to tell that it's fall based on the weather. CA had a record breaking 113 degrees over the weekend! However, when do you stop wearing your summer clothes? Is it when the season is over or when the temperature changes?

Jennifer Garner wore this ensemble over the weekend to the 6th Annual Pink Party in Hollywood. I love this outfit, but it screams summer because of the white skirt. Now, don't get me wrong- I think white can be worn year round, hence the term "winter white". I think this outfit would have been better with a different colored skirt based on the season, but the skirt could have worked with a darker colored top like black, purple, or blue.

For my personal style rules, some summer articles can be worn into the colder seasons depending on the material- say no to white linen in the winter- and if they're worn with other fall/winter essentials like a nice jacket, cardigan or scarf. I've already put away my light summer dresses and some sandals to start transitioning my wardrobe.

What's your take? Would you wear this cute outfit in the beginning of fall? What are your season rules? Have you made any switches of seasonal clothing yet?
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